List of Tables

Table 1 Evolutionary timeline of events involving the adoption of academic Internet open e-textbook publishing systems in Canada using Pressbooks open-source software

Table 2 Academic institutional online open e-textbook publishing system policy document relevancy (S = scope; X = outside scope)

Table 3 Contexts for ‘oers’

Table 4 Contexts for ‘open’

Table 5 Contexts for ‘creative’

Table 6 Contexts for ‘work’

Table 7 Contexts for ‘commons’

Table 8 Highest frequency term – oers (23 occurrences)

Table 9 Highest frequency term – open (23 occurrences)

Table 10 Highest frequency term – creative (19 occurrences)

Table 11 Highest frequency term – work (18 occurrences)

Table 12 Highest frequency term – commons (17 occurrences)

Table 13 Top 50 out of 301 corpus terms



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